Egg Rate in India 2023

Egg Rate in India 2023

What is Egg?

Humans and human ancestors have scavenged and eaten animal eggs for millions of years. Humans in Southeast Asia had domesticated chickens and harvested their eggs for food by 1,500 BCE. The most widely consumed eggs are those of fowl, especially chickens.

Information Related to the Price of Eggs

In the winter season, it started getting cold in December, but in the first week of the new year itself, the bitter cold had wreaked havoc. By the month of February, there used to be an atmosphere of fog in the morning. Due to this cold, the demand for eggs had increased a lot, due to which the price of eggs had also increased a lot. But now as the winter season is going, and summer is coming, there has been a decrease in the price of eggs. Most of the non-veg eaters consume eggs as breakfast.

Some like to eat boiled egg with tea, while some like to make omelette. Apart from this, egg curry is eaten by making many other things. According to the season, there is a jump in the price of eggs. Sometimes there are some other reasons, due to which the prices of eggs are increased.

What is today’s egg rate

The food habits of the people also change in the winter season. People pay special attention to their food to avoid cold. Earlier where the price of egg crate (30 eggs) ranged from Rs 150 to Rs 180 per crate. Same today’s egg price in retail market is Rs.6 per egg, and the price of boiled egg is Rs.8 per piece. Here you are being given district wise list of egg prices.

There may be an increase in the price of eggs.

Egg price fixed by NECC

  • poultry sector egg price
  • Ahmedabad 390
  • Ajmer 310
  • Barwala 300
  • Bangalore 390
  • Brahmapur (OD) 340
  • Chennai 410
  • Chittor 403
  • Delhi 310
  • East Godavari 315
  • Hyderabad 320
  • Ludhiana 292.00
  • Mumbai 385.00
  • Muzaffarpur 354.00
  • Mysuru 392.67
  • Nagpur 332.50
  • Namakkal 376.00
  • Patna 344.80
  • Pune 380
  • Ranchi 358.00
  • Vijayawada 315.00
  • Vizag 375.00
  • W. Godavari 315.00
  • Warangal 322.60
  • Allahabad 352.00
  • Bhopal 326.67
  • Hospet 350.00
  • Indore 335.00
  • Jabalpur 327.25
  • Kanpur (CC) 351.40
  • Kolkata (WB) 374.00
  • Lucknow (CC) 369.60
  • Raipur 321.67
  • Surat 400.00
  • Varanasi (KK) 344.75
  • necc egg rate in2023

The National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) has fixed the price per egg at Rs 3.95. Despite this, an egg is being sold in the market for Rs.6. There are many reasons for this, one of which is the corona epidemic, in which people prefer to buy eggs for more protein. Due to which the prices have also increased a lot. Namakkal located in Coimbatore is the largest poultry hub in the country. Egg and many related products are available here. This poultry hub supplies eggs to entire North India including Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka. Today the price of 100 eggs is Rs.395. Apart from this, the retail price of eggs in the capital Delhi ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 600 per hundred, and the price of a crate of 30 eggs is Rs 180.

How much is an egg being sold in Delhi?

Today i.e. on 13 December 2022, an increase in the price of eggs has been registered in Delhi. The price of an egg has reached Rs 5.68 in Delhi’s wholesale market. It was selling for Rs 5.63 yesterday. In such a situation, an increase of 5 paise has been registered in its price. Earlier on December 10, a decline in the price of eggs was recorded. While talking about the retail price of Delhi eggs, it is being sold at Rs 6.01 per egg. At the same time, eggs are being sold in the super market at Rs 6.19 per egg. On the other hand, if you take a registered egg in Delhi, it is being sold for Rs 68.16. At the same time, since the beginning of December till now, an increase of 21 paise per egg has been recorded in the price of eggs. It has increased from Rs 5.47 to Rs 5.68.

How much are eggs available in other cities?

  •     6.06 per egg is being sold in Noida.
  •     5.47 per egg is being sold in Gurugram.
  •     6 rupees per egg is being sold in Ghaziabad.
  •     5.50 per egg is being sold in Chennai.
  •     5.95 per egg is being sold in Kolkata.
  •     5.33 per egg is being sold in Raipur.
  •     6.00 per egg is being sold in Lucknow.

Recorded increase in the price of eggs in the year 2022

Let us tell you that in the beginning of the year 2022, the price of eggs in Delhi was being sold at Rs 5.28 per piece. At the same time, from February to October, its price remained between Rs 3 and 5, but with the onset of cold, now its price is increasing. It has increased from Rs 4.44 per egg to Rs 5.75. It has reached Rs 5.68 on 13 December.

Why egg is getting expensive

Uttar Pradesh Poultry Farmers Association President Nawab Ali Akbar told TV9 Hindi that usually the demand for eggs and chicken increases in winter. But this year the supply is less and the demand remains high. Apart from this, the cost of farmers is not coming down. In such a situation, they have no other option but to increase the price.

The farmers who have stocked eggs. He sold them last month. That is why the concern of supply remains. Especially the demand for desi eggs has suddenly increased. In such a situation, by the end of December or the beginning of the new year, the price of eggs may increase by Rs.

Chicken prices also increase

Traders of Delhi’s Murga Mandi Ghazipur told TV9 Hindi that the prices of chicken have also started increasing. On Monday, the price of chicken in the wholesale market increased from Rs 190 to Rs 210 per kg. If we talk about the retail market, then its price is now Rs 250-260 per kg.

Traders are preparing to increase the price by Rs 10-20 in the coming days. Traders say that at the end of the year the demand may increase by up to 30 percent.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the egg rate today?

Ans: On which page of the e Mandi Rates website you can see today’s egg price in different cities of the country according to the date.

Q: How much does a crate of eggs cost?

Ans: According to the demand and season, the egg carat prices keep on changing in the market. Usually a crate of eggs comes for Rs 120 to Rs 180.

Q: How many eggs are in 3 carats?

Ans: There are 30 eggs in one carat (tray) of eggs found in the egg market.

Q: What is the rate of eggs in UP?

Ans: Usually a crate of eggs comes for Rs 120 to Rs 180.

Q: How many eggs are in a box?

Ans: There are 210 eggs in a box. The price of farm egg (box) is Rs 850-950 and duck egg is Rs 90 to 100 a dozen.

Q: How much do eggs cost?

Ans: Recorded increase in the price of eggs in the year 2022

At the same time, from February to October, its price remained between 3 to 5 rupees, but with the onset of cold, now its price is increasing. It has increased from Rs 4.44 per egg to Rs 5.75. It has reached Rs 5.68 on 13 December.

Q: What is the egg rate in mumbai?

Ans: At present, in the retail market, consumers have to pay less than Rs 72 for a dozen eggs. In some places it is up to Rs.80. The cost of 1 egg ranges from 6 to 7.5 rupees.

Q: Can you eat 2 month old eggs?

Ans: According to the US Department of Agriculture, eggs can be sold up to 30 days after they’ve been packed. So when your eggs expire, they could be two months old—and more than likely still safe to eat.

Q: How old are store-bought eggs?

Ans: Here’s what Fresh Eggs Everyday tells us:

By law, an egg can be sold 30 days after the date it was placed in the carton. And farmers have up to 30 days for eggs to go from hatch to carton. That means those supermarket eggs could be two months old by the time you buy them.

Q: What happens if you mix egg in milk and drink it?

Ans: Drinking raw egg mixed with milk strengthens your muscles. Actually, egg and milk are considered a good source of protein. Egg whites are rich in a protein called albumin, which promotes the absorption of proteins in your body. This makes your muscles grow.

Q: Can you drink milk after eating eggs?

Ans: You can drink milk after eating eggs. Let me tell you, both eggs and milk are nutritious foods. Eating eggs and milk is a favorite food combination for fitness lovers. Both these things are rich in healthy fats, proteins, amino acids and calcium.

Q: What happens if you eat eggs on an empty stomach in the morning?

Ans: If a boiled egg is eaten every morning on an empty stomach, it can not only make the eyes healthy, but eggs contain elements called zeaxanthin and lutein, which can also keep eye problems at bay.

Q: Does eating omelette lead to weight gain?

Ans:  are found in high quantity in an egg. Apart from this, egg is also a good source of protein, healthy fat, saturated fat. Eggs also contain iron, vitamins, carotenoids. Egg is not only beneficial in increasing weight but for the whole body.

Q: Which egg should be eaten?

Ans: Many people believe that brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. But let us tell you that the nutritional value of an egg is determined not by its color but by the diet of the chickens. The eggs of hens exposed to the sun and fed well contain all the nutrients.

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